Christy has taken care of our pets Pancakes (12 yr old Cocker Spaniel), Frosty (10 yr old cat), and Lily (6 yr old cat) each time we have left town over the past 5 years. She is absolutely amazing and our pets adore her. We have complete comfort when we leave knowing that Christy is watching over things. Our pets and home are in good hands under Christy’s watch. —G. & R. Gaskin

We highly recommend Heavenly Creatures and Christy Shawd who takes care of our dog.  We both work a significant distance from home and frequently work late. Christy has been able to visit twice a day so we know our young dog has outdoor time, eats, and most importantly, gets love and attention. Christy leaves a note about each visit which is wonderful; she notes whether she ate, did her business, or on occasion decided to mildly destroy something in the house. If there’s ever a health concern, we receive a call and/or text.


For six years now, we’ve had dog visits through Heavenly Creatures.


When we first moved here, we had a ten year old dog who didn’t like/trust many people which was very challenging for care as she was too old for doggy daycare and couldn’t wait a full workday to go outside.  We had previously tried dog-walking visits when we lived in Atlanta; but our dog was somewhat aggressive to strangers.  During our dog’s life, she really only welcomed about four people into the house (she nervously watched other visitors) – until she met Christy.  We were so relieved that our senior dog liked and bonded with Christy, immediately.  Christy cared for her the rest of her life with two daily visits; and we are forever grateful. —Nantz Family

My 13 year old cat, Bebe, and I are so happy we found Christy.  It’s so great to be able to leave town confident that Bebe will be cared for so lovingly.  She and Christy have formed a close bond over the last three years, and we’re so thankful for our sweet friend Christy! —S. Carter

Christy is the best pet sitter we have ever experienced by far! We have used her for years now. We are very particular pet owners who adopt special needs and older dogs. This can make leaving them extremely stressful. Christy is very thorough and professional. She takes the time to go over your pet’s daily routine, any medications and any particulars about your pet’s care she needs to know each time she sits. We have dogs that are blind, deaf, diabetic, recovering from major surgeries including cancer surgeries and some with behavior issues. She’s given insulin to our diabetic dogs, been understanding with our dogs that can neither see nor hear, and worked with our dogs who have sometimes been abused and are just learning to trust people. Many times we have these types of pets at the same time and usually 4 dogs at once. She does it amazingly well and is so positive about it. Having Christy watch our pets gives us the ability to relax and enjoy our time away which has not always been the case. We have not taken trips because we didn’t feel comfortable leaving our pets in the past with other caretakers. Christy will leave you daily detailed notes of everything that she has done while she was at your house, including the time she was there and anything she noticed about your pet. She won’t hesitate to call though, if she has a concern about your pet. And she is always available if you want to check in on your baby which always puts my mind at ease.


Christy is just as professional about house-sitting for us too. Along with taking care of our pets, she gets our mail, packages, daily newspapers, unlocks gates for lawn and pool services and puts trash cans out along with keeping an eye on our house. We get a lot of packages almost daily and she always brings everything in, sorts our mail out for us and makes sure our house is secure.


Simply put, we do not have enough positive things to say about Christy and we highly recommend her. I’ve had pets all my life and I’ve never had another pet sitter or boarding facility give my pets the kind of care Christy has. We would be lost without her!  —C. & D. Cooke

Although we don’t have any “heavenly creatures”, we did have great peace-of-mind with Heavenly Creatures watching our house while we were out of the country.  We did not want to inconvenience our neighbors and we wanted a few more things tended to, than just picking up the mail. Heavenly Creatures House Sitting Service was professional and very complete. There are several practices Christy follows to deliver the appearance of activity at your home while you are away. I highly recommend the Heavenly Creatures House Sitting Service for your peace-of-mind. —J. Mendenhall

Christy is like our pups’ second mother. They love her. Cannot say enough about Christy’s compassion and the care she provides when we are not home with our kids. She feeds them, plays with them, gives medications and loves on them. Can’t ask for anything more. —B. Mullen

We’ve been using Heavenly Creatures for kitty-care over three years and have been very satisfied. First, you have to understand the temperamental nature of my big boy, Possum.  He’s the king of our castle and let’s everyone know when they come to visit who is Boss! I was a little apprehensive wondering if Christy would be a good match for his bold personality. But, three years later…he seems quite satisfied as to the level of care he receives when we leave him “parent-less”. Christy has been reliable and I have no doubt she really cares about our special little guy. There is a peace of mind knowing that the same person visits Possum daily providing him good care and he can remain in the house he knows vs. taking him to a loud, smelly kennel where he would be confined to a small cage 23+ hours a day. I can’t imagine his displeasure just thinking about the comparison! Christy always leaves us notes as to games they played, what he ate, and “other” informative communication as to what went on in our absence. We have confidence in Heavenly Creatures and Christy that she cares for Possum and he is well cared for when we find ourselves out of town. Thanks Christy! —L. Abel

We have been using Heavenly Creatures for almost four years now and we love them! Christy and team take such good care or our senior aged dog we couldn’t be happier. We know when we go on trips our dog is loved! When we arrive home it is like we never left, which is a great feeling! We highly recommend to anyone with a pet who wants the best care in your own home! —R. & J. Wells